Hear from the people who know us best.

The best way to learn about a community is by hearing from people just like you. People who’ve evaluated all their options before choosing Newcastle Place. People who’ve gone through the downsizing and made the move. People who live and breathe Newcastle Place every day: our staff and residents.

“Newcastle Place is my idea of the perfect place to be at this time in my life. I like the security of knowing I have all the comforts of home right here, not to mention the good people, stimulating and interesting activities, and delicious food at our restaurants.”

Bookie Slugg , resident

“Making the decision to move now was a tough one — it’s a HUGE decision! However, the more we thought about it, it just made sense. We would have the health care if we ever needed it and in the meantime, we could be out and about doing all the things we love doing. Newcastle Place just made sense for us.”

Don and Virginia Howard, residents

“The thing I like about it is you’re not concerned with a lot of upkeep. You’re not out there shoveling snow and cutting grass. You move in, your meals are prepared and they’re great. They come and clean for you. I’ve never had it so good.”

Jim Partleton, resident

“I value the real sense of community at Newcastle Place. Axel (my dog) and I feel blessed to live here amid fun and laughter.”

Gail Johnson, resident

“Newcastle Place frees us from having to deal with home maintenance issues, so we can travel and pursue our personal interests.”

Alice Sedgwick, resident

“Impeccable service is making sure the residents are happy and they never have to ask for anything. We like to anticipate what their needs are going to be. We treat everyone like family. We really do. This is their home. We’re working for them.”

Ray Martel, Food & Beverage Director

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