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How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Improve Cognitive Health in Seniors

Mindfulness is a state of being in which you calmly and intentionally pay attention to your physical surroundings, sensations, and thoughts. This is done in a compassionate, calm, and non-judgmental manner, helping you connect with yourself and your environment. Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment, and can be achieved through meditation, journaling, or deep focus on creative tasks such as coloring or painting. 

Mindful living has grown in popularity over the last few years and can benefit people of all ages, especially seniors. Studies are reporting mindful activities like meditation can improve cognitive health and even prevent or slow down dementia-related diseases. In this article, you’ll learn how mindfulness and meditation can help improve your cognitive and physical health.  

Reduced Anxiety

Because being mindful means focusing on the present moment, your mind is less likely to be preoccupied by what happened in the past or what may occur in the future. This presentness can help clear your mind and reduce your anxiety. Breathing and meditation exercises are two mindfulness practices that can help you stay calm and aware in the present moment. 

Improved Memory

If you find yourself constantly forgetting where you put your keys or why you walked into a room, you may want to add mindful meditation to your daily routine. Age-related memory loss is one of the biggest concerns for seniors, but it’s not an inevitable outcome. Mindfulness may prevent or slow down memory loss, and can also increase your brain’s gray matter, which is made of neurons responsible for helping you function. 

Better Focus

Another part of your brain that benefits from mindfulness practice is the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is linked to attention control and strengthens when you regularly meditate. As a result, you focus on one task longer and become less susceptible to distractions.

Improved Mood

When you’re not mentally bogged down by negative thoughts or worries, you feel lighter and more positive. This, of course, can also improve your mood. Mindfulness can also make you self-aware of your thoughts and actions. This helps you be self-compassionate as well as more empathetic to other people’s feelings.

Focus On Wellness at Newcastle Place

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