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Retirement Community Living

Embrace Community Life

Curious about what living in a community is really like? Some gain a sense of safety and security. Many find joy in the convenience and support that community life offers. Others delight in the feelings of connection and belonging. At Newcastle Place, community living is all about embracing the opportunities all around you.

I really had no idea what senior living was all about … We came here and I was just so impressed with what Newcastle [Place] has to offer.

- Marlene Lauwasser, Newcastle Place Resident

Independent Living Activities

Find Excitement at Every Turn

Do you hear the sound of the bass in the distance? That’s your weekly Zumba class just getting started. Nearby, a book club is chatting about the latest breakout bestseller. Tonight, there’s a card tournament, and tomorrow, live music is happening in the community room. Engaging events and friendly faces await you around every corner.

See On-Site Activities

Retirement Home Connections

Let Friendship Lead the Way

It’s easy to connect with people at Newcastle Place. There’s always a group that needs another player for game night, a swimming club looking for its latest member, or a volunteer crew who would appreciate an extra set of hands.

Ask a friend to accompany you to a yoga class. Enjoy lunch with the couple from your tech class. Make friends with people at the pool. Invite a neighbor over for dinner at your place. Join one of our many community clubs to make friends with similar interests.

Find Your People

Once I got here there were so many things going on … and you can attend or not attend depending on whether you want to or not. There's no shortage of things to keep us occupied and to keep us busy from day to day!

- Ralph Bayard, Newcastle Place Resident

Senior Living Residences

Enjoy Resort-Style Living

Living “the good life” starts now. Community living allows you to right-size your life, to include less stress and more joy. Discover your slice of paradise—a residence perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Find Your New Paradise