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Senior Friendships

Grow Your Inner Circle

There’s nothing quite like making memories with new or old friends. The biggest benefit of community life is the endless opportunities you have to make connections around every corner.

Senior Friendships

Find Your Tribe

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the company of kindred spirits. The familiarity and comfort remind you that friendships are truly a gift. Your social circle can not only grow but flourish when you live at Newcastle Place. Here, meeting new people easily turns into a lasting connection made over new experiences and shared passions.

From the first day we moved in, people were stopping us in the hall talking to us, [and] arranging to have dinner together. We were just incredibly amazed by how friendly the people are.

- Kathy Rigterink, Newcastle Place Resident

Senior Clubs And Classes

Share Your Passions

It’s important to make time for your loved ones—especially since feelings of loneliness have negative impacts on overall health and longevity. While more than one-third of adults experience some form of loneliness, community living is one way to overcome this. How? Community life creates natural opportunities to connect with others. Take an art class, learn how to play rummy, or join a walking club, travel group, or volunteer project—the door to new connections is always open.

Fill your calendar with activities scheduled by a range of social clubs, enjoy group lectures, watch musical performances, or attend a new exercise class every week. If you don’t see something that sparks your interest, it’s easy to start your own social club, too! There’s always something to do and a friendly face to do it with.

Dining Venues

Make Memories to Cherish

As an inherently social activity, gathering for a meal promotes a sense of connectedness and belonging. The memories made and bonds formed are lovely and lasting. And that’s how it should be. You deserve these moments—and there are plenty of opportunities to have them at Newcastle Place.

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Community Activities

So Many Ways to Fill Your Days

Ordinary days are behind you. Live an elevated lifestyle with resort-style services and amenities. A receptionist is readily available to make your dream day a reality. Treat yourself to a morning of relaxation at the spa or salon while your room gets some love from the housekeeping team. Then, venture out to the local market to shop and get lunch with friends. Afterward, join others for a game of poker or pre-dinner cocktails. Every day holds endless opportunities.

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Things To Do

Explore New Places Together

Adventures are better when you have people to share them with. At Newcastle Place, there are endless opportunities to do so. Join a group excursion or day trip to the Mequon Nature Preserve or nearby Milwaukee. Learn more about Milwaukee’s rich history during a walking tour, organize a group to enjoy an outing to Barthel Fruit Farm, or invite your neighbor to a shopping trip at the Mequon Pavilion Shopping Center.

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