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5 Benefits of Independent Living in Wisconsin

Getting older means having the freedom to dedicate more time to your hobbies, passions and interests, while also enjoying time with family and friends. One action you’ll have to take to ensure you are able to enjoy your retirement years is deciding where you want to live, especially as your needs and preferences change.

Many older adults living in Wisconsin — about 17.9% of the state’s population — choose to live in the state because they’ve developed an attachment to it. Maybe it’s where you grew up, started a family or enjoyed a successful career. You might have family or grandchildren nearby. You may even have an appreciation for the change of seasons. In fact, Wisconsin is one of America’s top 20 states to retire in. Friendly people, a lower cost of living and access to the great outdoors all work in its favor. 

Yes, there are many reasons why older adults choose to live in Wisconsin. But the next choice is perhaps even more important. Where is the place you’d like to call home as an older adult? While many older adults assume that they will carry on living at home during this stage of their lives, this isn’t always the best option for one’s overall health and well-being. If you’re craving more social interaction, fewer overwhelming household tasks or you find that your healthcare needs are changing, an independent living community may just be right for you. 

Independent living communities empower you to live the life you want in a secure and supportive environment that’s designed with the needs of older adults in mind.  Here are five of the top benefits of choosing an independent living community in Wisconsin.

1. Community Connections

Making new friends can be difficult as we get older. Jobs and family responsibilities take precedence in middle age, giving us less time to pursue passions with others and make new connections. Independent living in Wisconsin gives you the ability to make instant connections with a community of peers at a similar stage in life who love this state as much as you do. Choose from a variety of on-site events and activities that suit your interests, hobbies and lifestyle. 

2. Resort-Style Living  

Wisconsin draws people who love to live and play in the great outdoors. Moving to an independent living community here is like living at a resort year-round, giving you access to an abundance of services and amenities that make enjoying life out here even easier. These services and amenities will vary depending on location and the type of community you move into.  

Some examples of the resort-style services and amenities include:

  • Chef-prepared meals from multiple dining venues
  • Customized wellness programs  
  • Weekly workout sessions with a personal trainer
  • Housekeeping and flat linen laundry service
  • Concierge services
  • Exclusive on-site events and activities 

3. On-Site Security  

Many independent living residences offer some level of on-site security to provide an additional layer of protection for residents. This may include call buttons for immediate assistance as well as regular wellness checks at your request. On-site security is a great bonus for those who have been living alone in big houses in the suburbs or in one of the state’s more isolated areas. It can help give both you and your loved ones the comfort of knowing that there’s always someone you can call on for assistance. 

4. Inclusive Costs  

Independent living residents also gain back time and frustration by consolidating their monthly bills. Gone are the days of sifting through individual receipts for services like utilities, cable TV and internet. Moving into an independent living community allows you to consolidate most of your bills into one predictable monthly fee. If you choose a Life Care community – which allows you to save on future care costs – you will also be able to access on-site health services

5. Healthcare  

One of the greatest benefits of independent living is that you often have access to on-site care. Though you should note that this benefit is one that can vary the most between communities.

As a Life Care community, Newcastle Place offers independent living residents access to a continuum of care that includes skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living and memory care. Having access to these services is a huge benefit for both residents and their families. This is especially important in a state where primary care providers are in short supply. 

Explore Independent Living at Newcastle Place

Independent living at a Life Care community like Newcastle Place combines the freedom of maintaining one’s independence with all the comforts and benefits of community living. We have designed our services and amenities to help you be social, stay active and embrace wellness. Meanwhile, the on-site continuum of care we provide sets us apart from other senior living options in Wisconsin.

Whether you’re just starting to prepare for life after retirement or you’re in the final stages of decision making on where you’d like to live next, we encourage you to contact us or complete the form below to learn more about the benefits of independent living at Newcastle Place.

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