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Tips For Transitioning a Loved One to Memory Care

If the time has come to transition your loved one to a memory care community, you may be feeling apprehensive about the move. How can you create a low-stress moving experience for your loved one? To help you be successful, we’ve developed best practices for a seamless move to memory care.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a type of advanced care for individuals with Alzehimier’s or other forms of dementia. Many senior living communities, such as Newcastle Place, provide customized memory care services for residents. Our compassionate, highly trained staff utilizes the latest in memory care research and best practices to provide premium memory care in a comfortable and secure environment. 

Before a Move to Memory Care

The most important stage in the moving process is the pre-planning stage. The more comprehensive your upfront planning, the smoother the ultimate transition. 

Discuss with Your Loved One

If possible, discuss the move with your loved one. When conversing, focus on the positives and the services and amenities that they will enjoy, as well as social aspects of communal living.  

Schedule Moving Day

Schedule the moving time to fit with your loved one’s best time of day. If their mood is better in the morning, schedule a morning move. You’ll also want to determine ahead of time which items your loved one should bring. Remember to pare down to the essentials. Residents often bring more than they need, which can lead to a cluttered environment at best. At worst, it could mean moving items twice. 

Prepare Personal Touches

In addition to bringing essential items, you want to ensure the apartment or suite where your loved one will be living is decorated with familiar items to help them feel at ease. Perhaps it’s a favorite blanket folded on the bed or calming fragrance sprayed throughout the room. Familiar items can provide a sense of comfort.  

Memory Care Moving Day

On moving day, Newcastle Place’s moving team will help every step of the way. From helping you coordinate with local movers to assisting in the setup of Wi-Fi or ensuring you and your loved one have a great lunch, we’re here to ensure a smooth moving day.

After the Move to Memory Care

After the move, give your loved one time to adjust to the new routine and schedule. Take time to listen and validate their feelings, but remember you made the best choice for them to live a better life. Once they’ve settled into a routine, visit your loved one on a regular basis so they get used to seeing you on a schedule. 

Explore Memory Care Options at Newcastle Place

Newcastle Place provides exceptional best memory care services and amenities. We are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming community for our memory care patients. We provide compassionate care to help your loved one feel at ease. Interested in learning more? Contact us to explore our memory care services.

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