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A Monumental Season at Newcastle Place

Just north of Milwaukee in Mequon, Wisconsin sits a 52-acre haven with picturesque courtyards and meandering walking paths. It’s a place where lifestyles are enriched, life is lived to its fullest and a strong sense of community permeates the atmosphere. This is Newcastle Place, and it is senior living at its finest. Residents enjoy the upscale amenities and the seemingly endless stream of available activities.

A Summer to Set Sail

In July, residents were treated to a scenic Mail Boat Tour aboard the Walworth. With only handful of places left in the country where mail is still delivered by boat, and the close proximity from Lake Geneva to Newcastle Place, this tour was the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the lake and partake in an over 100 year old tradition. Mail is still delivered to about 75 homes around the lake on a daily basis from mid-June to mid-September and it’s about a 2-½ hour trip to get around the lake and deliver all the mail. What makes the Mail Boat Tour even more interesting is the fact that the boat never actually stops! “Mail jumpers” leap from the front side of the moving vessel onto a dock, deposit mail in a mailbox and race back to jump on side of the boat before it has passed, all in a matter of seconds. It is quite a sight to see the teenage “jumpers” successfully make it from boat to dock to boat. “There were a few instances residents held their breath when the jumper had a near miss, and cheers of victory when he made it back to the boat safely,” said Jennifer Sutherland of the recent tour. Jennifer serves as Newcastle Place’s Community Life Services Director and plans activities and events such as the Mail Boat Tour for residents.

On August 24th residents experienced the world’s only three-masted re-creation of a 19th century Great Lakes cargo schooner: the S/V Denis Sullivan. This is a truly modern educational sailing vessel with two diesel engines, a scientific laboratory, two computer workstations, and modern communication and navigation equipment. Residents enjoyed the two hour Lake Michigan sail, learning about the history of the Denis Sullivan, as well as its current mission, providing a marine education, leadership training, and personal development to visitors of all ages about the world’s most precious resource: water.

The Great American Eclipse

Before the Lake Michigan sailing experience took place however, there was one monumental event that residents experienced: The Great American Eclipse on August 21st. While the total solar eclipse wasn’t visible in WI, the moon covered a large portion of the sun and the residents experienced the spectacular sight of a partial solar eclipse. “We planned a special Total Solar Eclipse Day party for that afternoon on the independent living courtyard with dessert, and of course, viewing glasses for all,” said Jennifer.

According to NASA, this year’s total solar eclipse was one of the most significant astronomical events to happen in United States history.

This marked the first total solar eclipse to span from coast to coast since 1918. The community enjoyed the significance and novelty of this rare day with the numerous residents signed up to observe.

It has been a busy summer at Newcastle Place, one of experiencing many firsts, as well as enjoying the peaceful tranquility of home. Book clubs, cocktail parties, dinner outings and on-site musical performances have also taken place this summer, leaving residents feeling content and fulfilled. To learn more about the events and activities planned at Newcastle Place, call 262-421-9050.

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