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A Comprehensive Guide to Touring Luxury Senior Living Communities

Once you’ve become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to compromise in exchange for access to care as you grow older. Luxury senior living communities offer a high-end experience through the availability of top-tier services and amenities. However, each community has its own personality and that’s why we always recommend scheduling a tour. But what happens next? Don’t worry, we have some tips to help you make the most of your visit.

Scheduling an in-person senior living tour is one of the most important steps you can take when evaluating luxury senior living community options. During your tour, you will not only get more details about the high-end services and amenities that set each community apart, but you’ll also likely have an opportunity to meet future neighbors and experience community life firsthand. In this article, we’re going to provide some tips to help you make the most of your visit.

Preparing for Your Tour

So you’ve narrowed down your list of options and scheduled a senior living tour. Now it’s time to prepare. We recommend thoroughly reviewing the community’s website and writing down any questions that come to mind. When evaluating luxurious senior living communities, you want to verify that they have the basics covered while also identifying what sets them apart from other retirement communities. Here are a few question ideas tailored to high-end communities.

  • What would an ideal day look like in your community?
  • What services or amenities set you apart from other communities?
  • Could you tell me more about [specific service or amenity]?
  • Do you have any fine dining options on-site? Can I try a meal there?
  • What are the most luxurious experiences you offer?

Don’t forget to ask questions about health services, wellness, group activities, and all of the other senior living community benefits that can vary quite drastically between communities.

Bring Helpful Documents

It can be helpful to store important documents and notes all in one place (digitally or physically) so you can easily access them during your tour. A digital note-taking app or a portfolio are all practical ways to organize documents, new contacts, and other relevant information. It can also be a good idea to have certain health and financial information handy for easy reference.

Exploring Amenities

It’s one thing to ask questions about services and amenities at a senior living community, but it’s another thing entirely to experience them first-hand. Check on amenities like a spa, and communal spaces designed for socialization. Ask if the community team member can walk you through them. Notice the accommodations. Do they appear clean and well-maintained? The way a community maintains its public spaces can reflect on their staffing and attention to detail.

Ask About Specialized Services

Don’t forget to ask about specialized amenities tailored to luxurious living. Especially those that directly apply to your interests or that you know are make or break for your experience.

Model Living Spaces

Finding a space worthy of being your new home takes a little effort. Spend some time browsing floor plans and thinking about the options you would like to see in person. Once you arrive on-site, you can ask more specific questions about customization options and guidelines.

Mention Your Preferences Upfront

A luxury senior living community will want to give you the best impression of their living spaces possible. You may be able to confirm what spaces you’d like to see in person ahead of time. A little pre-planning will ensure that you don’t miss out on seeing your preferred floor plans.

Dining Experience

The dining experience is another area where luxury senior living communities shine. Review the website of the senior living community you will be touring and note any on-site dining options. Ask ahead of time if you will be able to have a meal prepared on-site during your tour. Make note of anything that stands out about the dining experience, whether it’s something good or bad.

Detail Your Dietary Needs

No matter your dietary preferences or needs, the best high-end senior living communities should be able to accommodate them in creative ways. Make a note of your requirements before your tour and ask about the community’s ability to accommodate your specific needs.

Explore More Luxury at Newcastle Place

At Newcastle Place, a luxurious senior living community in Mequon, Wisconsin (near Milwaukee), our talented team takes pride in providing the best experience possible for residents. From exceptional living accommodations to upscale dining experiences and high-end services and amenities, we think you’ll find a lot to like about our community. We invite you to schedule a tour so you can fully experience what our version of exceptional luxury senior living looks like.

Contact us or complete the form below to learn more about life at Newcastle Place.

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