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How to Tell Your Adult Children You’re Moving to a Senior Living Community

You’ve made up your mind about wanting to move into a senior living community. You’re confident in your decision and you’re excited to share this update with your adult children. However, you’re not completely certain how they will react to the news. In this article, we’ll share tips for initiating the conversation about senior living with your children. We’ll also review some benefits of senior living to share with them, plus common concerns your children might have.

Initiating the Conversation

How you approach the conversation about moving to a senior living community will vary based on your relationship dynamics with your adult children. If this is your first time bringing up senior living with them, then you might want to have a discussion about it in a quiet and calm setting, such as one of your homes. You want to ensure there is plenty of time to talk through any questions your children might have.

If you’re just starting your search for a senior living community, then you might mention that you’d like your adult children to be a part of your search. If you’ve already narrowed down your search to a few communities, you may even consider inviting them along on a senior living tour.

You should also consider previous conversations about future plans that you may have had with your adult children up until this point. You’ll want to be especially conscientious about sharing your decision with an adult child who may once have expressed interest in you moving in with them.

Communicating the Benefits

Moving to a senior living community offers a number of benefits that your adult children may not have even considered. This is especially true if you’re looking at luxury senior living options.

Emphasize how a senior living community offers opportunities for independence, socialization, and the freedom to pursue the hobbies and interests that bring you joy. Do a little research on services and amenities offered at the senior living communities you might consider moving into.

Explain how an on-site fitness center, walking trails, and group activities are things that would positively impact your health and well-being by continuing to support an active lifestyle. Mention the options for socialization during meals, activities, and while attending on-site events.

Navigating Concerns

Your adult children will probably have some questions once you tell them you plan on making the move to a senior living community. Here are some potential questions they might ask.

  • Aren’t you a little too young to move into a senior living community? Response: Modern senior living communities are built to support people who live active lifestyles.
  • What can a senior living community offer that you can’t already get at home? Response: A sense of freedom from daily chores to focus on the things that truly matter in life.
  • What happens if your health needs change after you move in? Response: A continuing care retirement community offers a wide range of on-site health services.
  • Luxury senior living? Isn’t that expensive? Response: Moving into a senior living community can be a smart financial decision and help consolidate expenses.
  • Do you think you’ll truly be happy there? Response: A senior living community will make it easier for me to socialize and pursue the things in life I care most about.

These are just some of the questions you might get asked by your adult children. If you’ve already narrowed down your options to certain communities, you can get more specific in the examples you provide. For example, sharing more information about on-site health services.

How Newcastle Place Can Help

Newcastle Place is a sophisticated senior living community that pairs luxurious living spaces with resort-style services and amenities and an exceptional level of on-site care. We take great pride in our community and would be happy to welcome you for a tour where you and your loved ones can tour the grounds, meet residents, and enjoy a fine meal.

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