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When Is the Right Time to Consider Independent Living?

Today’s seniors have more options than ever for how to spend their retirement years. Choosing where you want to live in the coming years can be  an exciting thing, but still requires actually making the choice. While many seniors still choose to age in place at home, the myriad benefits of moving to a senior living community are driving more and more seniors to opt for independent living in one of these communities. However, all too many seniors make their decision under the misconception that they’re too young, too full of life to move to a senior living community. The best age to move to independent living depends entirely on the individual, but this article can help you make an informed decision.  

When You Want to Maintain Your Independence

Independent living at senior living communities like Newcastle Place is designed specifically for older adults who want to maintain their lifestyle for as long as possible. The many  engaging activities, programming, services, and amenities in independent living communities invite you to spend your  retirement years exactly how you  want, while keeping your mind sharp and your body healthy.  Amenities such as fitness centers, exercise classes and nutritious dining options alone are ones you’re not likely to  find in senior living options outside of a retirement community. Plus, the ability to move to on-site higher levels of living like assisted living or memory care without having to leave the community gives you the confidence to live as carefree as possible. Overall, the sooner you move to senior living, the longer you’ll be able to keep your independence and actually improve your quality of life.

When You Want to Leave Home Maintenance Behind

One of the most significant advantages of independent living is the maintenance-free lifestyle. No more mowing the lawn, fixing house issues, or keeping a larger home clean. Daily living becomes much more enjoyable once the burdens of home care are a thing of the past. In retirement communities like Newcastle Place, all interior and exterior maintenance – including all systems, appliances, interior and exterior window cleaning, lawn service, snow removal and housekeeping – are taken care of for you, so you can focus on doing the things that bring you happiness. 

When You’re Ready for a Fulfilling Social Life

Seniors who choose to age in place at home often experience a dwindling social life. This kind of isolation can contribute to depression and other negative effects on one’s mental health. At independent living communities, surrounded by like-minded peers who share your desire for an active, engaged lifestyle, risks of isolation are essentially nonexistent. With a wide variety of social activities provided, making new friends who share similar interests and passions is far easier than when living alone outside of a community. The many opportunities for socialization in independent living communities is a core aspect of living a longer, happier life in your retirement years. 

When You Want to Make The Most of Each Day

Beyond socialization and the ability to maintain your independence for longer, independent living offers ways to get more out of life in general. Almost all senior living communities today feature a wide variety of activities and amenities that you won’t find outside of a community. Many even have full-time activities directors who provide a rich assortment of scheduled activities, classes, clubs, and more every week. Those who move to senior living communities often wish they’d have moved earlier to take full advantage of all the activities while they’re still in good health. The best age to move into independent living is whenever you’re ready for a more engaging, fulfilling lifestyle than the one you’re currently living.

Here at Newcastle Place, you’ll find an incredible array of on-site amenities and activities in our independent living neighborhood. These include chef-prepared dining; a state-of-the-art fitness center; a heated indoor pool at our aquatics, spa and wellness center; salon services; and a wide array of social, educational and cultural opportunities, both on campus and throughout  the Mequon/Milwaukee area. If you’d like to learn more about independent living here or have more questions about the best age to move into independent living, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call us at 262-485-4698.

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