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Premier, Flexible Dining Creates ‘Wow’ Factor at Newcastle Place Senior Living

At Newcastle Place, a 52-acre life plan community in Mequon, Wisconsin, residents have freedom, independence, and the ability to choose the lifestyle that’s right for them. Residents often say that Newcastle Place community is independent living at its finest!

One of the components that makes Newcastle Place a top senior living community is the innovative and flexible dining program. With a monthly dining allocation that can be spent as you please, residents can choose from sit-down meals, grab-and-go items from the café, and even order carry-out. Residents can also use their monthly food and beverage budget to invite guests to dine with them or to attend one of the dining events.

Focus on Choice and Nutrition

At Newcastle Place, they focus on nutrition as well as flexibility. Residents have a choice in when, where, and what they eat. Ray Martel, Director of Food and Beverage Services, explains the range of culinary offerings:

“We serve 350-370 meals a day throughout our three venues – the Skylight, Royal Oak Room, and Castle Café. Because we have the full continuum of care, we have different daily menus for different venues. In independent living, for dinner, they’ll have five to six different choices. There are always a variety of meats, seafood, and poultry. Residents can choose based on their needs or what they want to eat.”

Entrees are all-inclusive, meaning they always get soup or salad, a starch, a vegetable, and a dessert. Residents in skilled nursing and assisted living also get to order from a menu, and have two to three options. Offerings are also all-inclusive, so they are getting all the essentials nutrients they need for the day.”

For residents with dietary restrictions, the nutritionist will meet with them as well as their family members to find out what they like, what they can and cannot have, and ensure needs are met with each meal. The menus always include gluten-free and low-sodium options as well.

“If a resident has a certain allergy or dietary need, we enter it into our computerized dining system,” shared Ray. “When a server puts in an order under the resident’s name, which is how we track their spending accounts, a big red box comes up with the information. Not only that, it will automatically print on the kitchen ticket for the team preparing the food.” Keeping allergy and dietary information on a computer network also ensures that these important details are available to new staff members.”

Unique Dining Experiences

The meals at Newcastle Place are prepared by two chefs who have extensive experience in many of the fine dining restaurants in and around Mequon. Executive Chef Ken Zacher, who has been with Newcastle Place since opening 13 years ago, prepares the meals for the Skylight, or Main, Dining Room. Meals in the Royal Oak dining room are prepared by Executive Chef Jerry Maier, who started as a sous chef and has served residents for six years.

The variety of offerings, along with the customized attention, set Newcastle Place far ahead of other senior living communities. “Our chefs are just amazing at caring for any special requests that the residents have – gluten-free breads and pastas, sugar-free desserts – whatever they need,” said Ray. “And the seniors as well as their family and friends are amazed at the variety. They often say our food is better than any other restaurant around,” shared Ray.

The Main Dining Room, which seats 140 guests, serves everything from comfort foods like meatloaf and burgers, to higher-end offerings such as steak and lobster. Ray said, “We do daily specials. There are at least 5-6 options plus a verbal special… filet mignon, steak, seafood.”

In the Royal Oak dining room, residents can experience a supper club-like atmosphere, with 6-7 higher end choices and a menu that changes weekly. Items such as scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab legs, steak, and pasta are served on a regular basis.

For those wanting a quick grab-and-go option, residents can pop into the newly opened Castle Café. With 4 tables, the café is designed for residents who want a cup of soup to take back to their residence, or want a quick sandwich without a full, sit-down meal.

Ray said, “Our dining is unique from other senior living communities because of the variety we offer. Most communities only offer two choices a day. Here we basically have different menus every day and a variety of choices from A to Z.”

“I have worked in the Food and Beverage industry since I was 14,” shared Ray. “This is my first time serving in a retirement community. The biggest difference is that we are serving the same customers each day. I come to work and feel like I’m surrounded by 250-300 grandmas and grandpas who want to hug you and pinch your cheeks! It’s an amazing job. I absolutely love it here!”

Newcastle Place is more than just a place to enjoy life; it’s a place to thrive. But don’t just take our word for it. See what living at Newcastle Place means to residents. To find out how you can become a part of Newcastle Place’s senior living community, get in touch with us at 262-421-9050 or fill out a contact form.

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